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From this site you can plan your purchase, arrange inspections, and learn about the purchase process. Along the way I am here to give guidance, arrange home viewings and to be your "exclusive buyer's agent".

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Q. If you are working for me as a buyer's agent, how do you sell your own listings?

A. I made a business decision to work only as an exclusive buyer's agent. No one at Realty accepts listings or works for sellers. That is why I  started Realty.

Hint: When you talk to an agent for the first time - ask them if they or the company they are with also work for sellers, take listings or work as a 'dual agent'. If they do - keep looking. When you buy a car you don't ask the dealer or sales person to negotiate the price for you and you certainly shouldn't do it with a house.  If you hired an attorney would you want to seller to have the same attorney? Of course not. So why would you want the agent representing the seller to represent you.

Q. Should I use the same agent for buying and for selling?

A. Although, on the surface this seems to make sense, you should  find an agent that specializes in working with buyers to help you with your new purchase. Most of the time the agent that listed your home will not be the one to bring you a buyer. This does not mean they are not doing their job it just reflects the fact that some agents specialize in working with buyers and some with sellers. Agents that claim to "specialize" in representing "buyers and sellers" don't, in fact, specialize in representing anyone but themselves. When they take you to see their own listing - who are they going to represent? Both?  It is better to go with someone that truly specializes in working with buyers. Call me.

Q.  Can I make an offer on more than one home at a time?

A.   Yes.  You can make an offer on more than one home at a time. It is common for sellers to entertain more than one offer at a time and select the best.  You can do the same.

Q I've checked out home inspectors and know that they generally cost at least $300. Is this really worth the extra cost? I have a friend that does a lot of renovations - couldn't I just bring my friend?

A. You can have your friend help you. Also, I will point out areas that may be problems or that can be used in negotiations when I show you the home. But that is no replacement for a qualified home inspector. A licensed home inspector will inspect the house with you there and will provide a written report that can be used if needed to get the seller to do repairs that may not have been obvious before. You will also learn a lot about the house that may be useful to you in the years to come. I advise all buyers to use a home inspector and I have never known one to regret it.

Q.   How do I find the best mortgage rate and loan? Do you work with any particular mortgage company.
A.    The right loan varies from individual to individual.  I will help you locate one that is right for you but I have no particular relationship with them.  If they are good for my clients - I work with them.

Q. I know you represent me but I might hire a lawyer as well. Do you have any suggestions?
A. Yes, make sure the attorney is very experienced in handling real estate transactions in the area. Also, make sure that they are able to handle yours without delay, rather than fitting it in when they have time. If you have them review your contract before you sign it and they don't give it back for a week, your house may be sold to someone else. If you give it to them during the required attorney review period after all parties have signed it make sure they can review it in the required time frame and make any needed changes during that time. If they are to busy they should tell you.  I am in the process of locating links to area real estate attornies. You can also find their advertising in real estate publications.  The key is real estate experience.

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Q. How do I know the information on this site or the linked sites is accurate? Is there any guarantee?
There is a lot of information here and on the linked sites. There is no guarantee by me or anyone else that any of it is accurate. I have no control over the linked sites or the information they provide. I will, however, do my best for you and I think that is VERY good. I have many clients that will agree. If you want references I can provided them.