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First Time Home Buyer? Relocating?

by Paul Howard
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
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This is an exclusively for buyers office - and our agents are Exclusive Buyer Agents!


All home buyers know that they should have the home inspected by qualified inspectors. This, though, occurs after they have already negotiated the price and other terms and signed a contract with the seller agreeing to those terms. Although not an inspector, your agent can help you discover issues that may come up on an inspection when you look at the house and before you place an offer. Once you move in there may be remaining repairs you will want to do. If it is required, get permits. In any case when you hire a contractor check to see if they are licensed.

In NJ you can verify basic contractor licensing here:
NJ licensing verification

Some Kinds of Inspections

The basic home inspection.
Wood boring pest inspection
Radon inspection
Septic system
Sewer line
Chimney inspection
Private well inspection
Water quality inspection

Read your contract

Just because something is not in good condition doesn't mean that you can make the seller correct it. In fact, the seller doesn't HAVE to do anything. Depending on your contract terms you can ask to seller for a repair and if they say no you can walk away. If the inspector says a covered item is operating beyond its expected life expectancy you can't walk away -- unless it is also defective.

Seller disclosure

In New Jersey a seller disclosure may be provided but a written disclosure is not required - although many sellers will provide one. Even without a disclosure seller's are required to tell of known defects. They don't always do it though.

In Pennsylvania a seller disclosure is required. Again, they provide information but they don't always tell as much as they should.