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First Time Home Buyer? Relocating?

by Paul Howard
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
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This is an exclusively for buyers office - and our agents are Exclusive Buyer Agents!

First Home

First time buyers must deal with a lot of uncertainty. Finding the right agent can help reduce the anxiety.

Any licensed agent can claim to be a 'buyer's agent ', but few can maintain that relationship throughout your home search. If the company "your" agent works for lists property for sale they may ask you to let them be a "dual agent" (ie represent the seller as well) if they get the opportunity, instead of really being a buyer's agent. Just say no, because that is not buyer representation.

I'll GUARANTEE- in writing - that I will ONLY work for you as YOUR agent in your home purchase - never as a 'dual agent' or seller's agent. That goes for every agent at Paul Howard Realty

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Exclusive buyer's agent
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Real estate laws vary from state to state. Not only that, processing procedures can vary widely even within a state. It is important that you understand the steps in the process for the area in which you are searching.

Contingent Home Buyers

If you have to sell a current home in order to finance a new purchase you face additional hurdles. A contingent buyer is generally in a weaker bargaining position when negotiating a new purchase. The further along the sale of your current home is the better.

If you haven't listed your home yet you are in a weak negotiating position. Listed but not yet under contract is better. Under contract is better still and under contract with completed inspections with a buyer that has a financing commitment is nearly as strong as a non contingent buyer - everything else being equal.